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With both in person and remote/telehealth available we strongly recommend these colleagues.

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Andrea Cooper

  • Initial consultations

  • Up to date and research-based assessments for; Speech, Language, Literacy (Reading and Spelling), Play skills, Social Skills and alternative modes of communication (AAC)

  • Individual one to one therapy at your home or child’s school/preschool (dependent on permission and facilities of the school)

  • Preschool and School Screenings

  • School readiness screenings

  • School based programs

  • Teacher and Educator training programs and workshops

  • Parent training and workshops


Dr Rachel Briggs

  • Mental Health

  • Diagnostic Assessments

  • Intellectual Ability

  • Memory & Learning

AWEN_CMA_002 Green.png
  • Disability Advocacy

  • School Advocacy

  • NDIS Case Management

  • NDIS Support Coordination

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