All our sessions are now offered exclusively as telephone, ZOOM, Skype or other lessons.  We have been operating Remote Reading Sessions for over 10+ years with 100s of students. So we are ready to assist.

Interested in Creative Language classes? Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, Poetry and many more options available.  Click the link above for more information.

We are a Specialist Centre supporting children, adolescents and adults with reading difficulties and disabilities.

An exceptional and outstanding practitioner who understands the interplay between psychology, education & health in a child’s learning development.

Dr Rachel Briggs

Clinical Psychologist

I have worked with Amanda for close to a decade and have shared dozens of clients with her. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough as a practitioner. I have  learnt so much from Amanda and am always in awe of her knowledge and professionalism.   

 Andrea Cooper

Speech & Language Therapist

"I'm seeing a big change in his attitude and wanting to try harder and being proud and confident that he can do it! I really think this program is doing wonders for his reading and his confidence. Thank you!"

We use national standard diagnostic testing in literacy and numeracy.


WE DO NOT offer benchmarking. 

2 hour assessment, interview and full written report provided.



Others as needed

$420.00 + $42.00 GST

After school 5 days per week.
Adults during school hours.
30 minutes once per week.
We do not offer games or 
computer based learning. 
Our intervention is based on research into reading disabilities and cognition. We have assisted 1000s of children across Australia.
Remote Reading across Australia.
15 minutes once per week
via phone or skype.


$50.00 per session
Adults $60-$80.00 per session


We have 1000s of individual data collected on the effectiveness of the RIP IT UP Reading Program which continues to be used across Australia and New Zealand.

Students are consistently monitored and progress reported to parents/carers.

We believe in the importance of both quantitative and qualitative data. 

Amanda, is one of the best literacy therapists that I have ever worked with. With exceptional training and experience Amanda provides evidence based literacy therapy intervention. She is brilliant at communicating and supporting the families and updating me with any further concerns and outcomes. Kids love going there as she is very friendly and engaging. A positive experience for these kids who have had very unpleasant and anxiety provoking experiences at school, due to their learning difficulties.                                       Dr Chanka Nanayakkara


"RIP IT UP Reading has done wonders for both my son's reading and confidence. We were really looking for answers and help when we started. Amanda gave us both! "  Brooke

"My son has come a long way very quickly. He is a lot more confident with reading. His teacher has also put him up one level in spelling, first time ever during his schooling he's not on the lowest spelling level.
He has also gained interest in reading novels at last. He is loving reading the Treehouse books. 

Thank you for helping our boy." Deeanne

Can't get to us in person?

Use our Remote Reading Program

Our Remote Reading Program is available across Australia and New Zealand for individuals who cannot access our centre in person.

Our team contact you each week at a predetermined time and conduct your lesson by phone or skype for 15 minutes.  All materials are emailed directly to you.

Hundreds of individuals have used the Remote Reading Program. 


Email for more information.

NDIS Providers for self managed and plan managed clients


350 High Street

Maitland NSW 2320

P: 0423 584 808

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