How long does it take?


Programs that offer a guaranteed outcome, a 10 week program or the like cannot be substantiated. We all know that reading disabilities are lifelong and that coupled with a working memory deficit children will usually struggle throughout their schooling life and beyond.


RIP IT UP Reading© does not promise every child will catch up to chronological age because that would not be accurate. What we do promise is that each child who undertakes the program is going to be given the best intervention possible to maximise their potential to become 'real' readers. Following the RIP IT UP Reading© program maximises success.


So what is the answer to the question, how long does it take? Simply... as long as it takes.


RIP IT UP Reading© does not rely on levels to be completed each week and does not rely on outcomes to be ticked.

RIP IT UP Reading© focuses on each and every child being able to learn in an environment with strategies that assist in supporting their working memory and reading deficit.


RIP IT UP Reading© is at the pace of each individual, not at the pace of a group.

 RIP IT UP Reading© does not focus on guessing. We DECODE DECODE DECODE.

RIP IT UP Reading© does not offer a bandaid approach.

What students are suited for RIP IT UP Reading?

  • reading difficulties and who have done all other intervention

  • reading disabilities

  • working memory deficits

  • cognitive delay/low cognitive functioning

  • trauma

  • ASD

  • ADHD & ADD

  • gifted children with a reading disability

  • speech and language disorders

  • behavioural difficulties

RIP IT UP READING believes that every individual has the right to support in reading irrespective of barriers to learning in location or ability.


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