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"About 3 words she stumbled over but corrected herself, and the only word she couldn't get was a person's last name. I could of cried, I was so proud of her. This was only possible because of yourself and the wonderful ladies working with my daughter. Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, for all you have done."



"He has done so well with the program and has come a long way, when he first started he would pick up a book to look at the pictures, now he picks up a book to read it, certainly warms my heart and I know we did the right thing by starting Ethan with you."

An exceptional and outstanding practitioner who understands the interplay between psychology, education & health in a child’s learning development.

Dr Rachel Briggs

Clinical Psychologist

I have worked with Amanda for close to a decade and have shared dozens of clients with her. I cannot recommend Amanda highly enough as a practitioner. I have  learnt so much from Amanda and am always in awe of her knowledge and professionalism.

Andrea Cooper

Senior Speech & Language Therapist

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